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03  Workshop

"Exploring Circulation and Productivity Patterns in the Azores Region"

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Seasonal and intra-annual variability of large-scale and mesoscale water dynamics in the Azores region

Igor Bashmachnikov & Adriano Cordeiro


Application of Remote Sensing Techniques to study Azores Sea-Surface Temperature and Ocean Colour (phytoplankton biomass)

Ana Martins & Ana Mendonça


Microbial plankton contribution for primary productivity studies in the North Atlantic waters

Paula Aguiar


Investigation of Microbial Plankton in the Azores Current using Molecular Techniques

Sílvia Lino


Dynamico-stochastic analysis of the primary production in the Azores region

A. V. Koldunov & V. R. Fuks


Spatial-temporal variability of primary production in the Azores region and biotic fronts

V. R. Fuks & A. G. Cherkasheva


Phytoplankton productivity in the Azores region, estimated from satellite and in-situ data

Ana Mendonça


Do subtropical seamounts influence phytoplankton community composition and distribution?

Manfred Kaufmann


Wavelet-Analysis of Primary Production for the Azores Region

T. V. Belonenko & A. G. Cherkasheva


Spatial distribution of marine top predators associated with ocean features: case study for the Azores region

Patrícia Amorim


Fish and Environment relevant for Fisheries Stock Assessment

Mário Pinho


Data availability in the Azores region Physical oceanography

Igor Bashmachnikov & Sandra Sequeira & Guilherme Lopes


Relationship between juvenile loggerhead spatial behaviourand variation in oceanographic features

Paolo Lambardi


Sea surface temperature variability in the NE Atlantic

João Guimarães



Clara Loureiro


Bacterioplankton Community in the Water Column: A case study in North Atlantic

Cátia Pereira


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